Imagining the Other

“What if the world is not one, but multitude, with as many ways of being as there are beings? What if literature were the opportunity to glimpse such refractions, thrown by the world as though from a diamond?” – The Many Selves Of Katherine North

MY story


The future starts in the imagination. Whether transporting people via words and pictures or forging the reality we want to see via activism, my life’s endeavour is the attempt to shape a better and more empathetic world through the power of creativity. Put more prosaically, I am an author, artist and activist.

My debut novel is published by Bloomsbury and I write articles on occasion, some of which have been published in the Guardian and The New Statesman.

I am an experienced lecturer in creative writing and am available for one-to-one mentoring. I also take painting commissions. As an activist, I work for Extinction Rebellion.

I hold an AHRC funded PhD in creative writing from Bath Spa University and degrees in psychology and philosophy. My research interests cover empathy, climate breakdown and the more-than-human.

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I am published by Bloomsbury. My debut novel won the Janklow and Nesbit award.


I am an experienced lecturer in creative writing and offer one-to-one help.

Pet Portraiture

Paintings of your pets that capture their personality and spark.